PostIn week 30 of the Manor Futsal Club, and yes we made it to week 30, we decided to let the players have as much game time as possible.

With the girls we played 5v5 with normal rules to start with, and they played some fantastic futsal using all the skills and techniques we have taught them over the previous weeks.  We then added in a few conditions to make the girls think more about their play.  If a team got a corner, the opposition had to leave one player over the halfway line, allowing the attacking side to have an overload if they wanted.  It also made the girls slow the taking of the corners down so they were much more precise with their passes.  We then progressed this to two defending players over the halfway line.

Click here to images of week 30 from the Manor futsal club.

With the boys we started with a normal match and again progressed to some rules they had to follow.  First, for a team to score every player, including the goalkeeper, had to be in the opposition’s half.  This makes the players keep the ball for longer but also support as a team going forward.  The players could then only score using a one touch finish and finally we made the defending team leave first one then two players over halfway when they were defending a corner.

The coaches and helper Mr Forster agreed that both the boys and girls had been the best session we had ever run!  They used the sole of the foot when controlling the ball, they moved to create space with and without the ball, they recovered to defend when out of possession, they finished with one touch finishes and used the far post whenever possible.  Overall a fantastic night and absolutely brilliant to watch.

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