AlexiaAt Pro Coaching Academy we are extremely lucky to work with some exceptionally talented male and female futsal and football players.

We were delighted to learn last week that Alexia Dawson has accepted a place at the brand new York City Football Club Foundation – Tier 1 Regional Talent Club, for next season, starting July 2016.

Coaches Chris and Suzy have worked with Alexia at York RI for the last 3 seasons where she has been a massive part of the success of the team.  Her stats are extraordinary and during this time, where she has played in 182 league, cup, friendly and tournament matches, she has scored an incredible 294 goals.

In conversation Chris said, “Alexia is an exceptional talent and one who everyone knew throughout York.  She is strong, quick and has a real eye for a goal.  Over the years we have worked on several parts of her game and I know the Academy will improve her even further.  It has been a real pleasure to help her on her journey and I wish her every success going forward, from all the hard work she has put in she definitely deserves it.”

Everyone at Pro Coaching Academy wishes her every success on the road to what we hope will be a long and fruitful career – just remember to send us the tickets to your first England international!

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