Week 10 Post

To start the session we had a little speed test for the players against the clock.  They had to run from one end of the court to the other with a futsal ball and try to score against the impressive Ben in goal, no rebounds, and then run back to the other end of the court, get another ball and go again.  They repeated this for three balls and we stopped the clock as they finished at the far end of the court.

We were highlighting running with the ball, using as few touches as possible but to keep their pace high, making sure they finished with a shot on target, and then recovering back to get another ball – all good futsal skills.  Top marks went to Eddie for his 2 goals in a very fast time of 32 seconds, with Joe only 1 second behind him.  That said every single player gave 100% and it was impressive to watch.

In the game we gave an advantage to any team that gained a corner.  In this situation the defending team had to send two players over the halfway line and they were not allowed to defend until the corner kick was taken.  In this instant we got the players to slow the play down and see if they could use the numerical advantage to create good goal scoring situations.

Again at the start of the match players returned to 5-a-side football ideas and forgot they were playing futsal.  We had a little chat and the play afterwards was much better, players using the sole of their feet to control the ball, good quick passing and good movement with and without the ball.  This group is great fun to coach with some fantastic skills on show.  We are trying to organise a match against a good futsal team to see how they cope with a team happy to play futsal, watch this space!

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