The best thing about this week was everybody came back!  We even had 3 new players to boot.  The coaches had sleepless nights wondering if how we had presented futsal had stirred the imagination of the players.  The answer is a resounding YES!

We started with the under 12s and the number of players is looking good, this really is the future of the game.  After a silly toilet based, don’t ask, warm up we did a tag game.  In pairs, with both having a ball, players chased each other around half the court, trying to tag each other.  We emphasised to keep the ball in the play at all times, and not let it hit the walls under any condition.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Under 12s

We moved on to some 1v1s across the court.  The idea was to try and score in your opponent’s goal.  If you managed to get the ball over the halfway line, you could then chose which goal you attacked.  There was some great drag backs from the girls in this, and plenty of energy.  We finished with a match, in which Coach Chris took one side and Coach Suzy the other, it was close but Coach Suzy just ran out winners with a goal right at the death!

For such a young group, with hardly any futsal experience, they are fantastic to coach.  We love the way they are not afraid to say what they think, and answer all the questions with plenty of enthusiasm!

Player of the week for the U11s was Emily-Sue, she hasn’t stopped smiling since she turned up last week.  She starts running at the start of the hour and stops as she leaves the hall, fabulous effort.  She also has great feet and tries really hard to keep the ball at all times.

The older group, who are still very quiet, something the parents said we will thank them for later, started with a full court 8v2 keep ball.  After the first couple of minutes we limited the players to a maximum of 3 touches, we are really hammering that futsal is a passing game.

Click here to see the images from the night’s session

We moved on to some full court 2v2s in which both pairs started next to their own goal, and on the coach’s whistle, sprinted out to try to score in the opposition’s goal.  If the ball went out of play from any player, both teams had to sprint back and tag their team mates.  This is hard work over a full court, and every girl gave 100%, fantastic to watch.  We talked about keeping the ball, working off the ball and keeping the passing lines open.

We finished with a match in which the players had the incentive of scoring in the D being worth 2 goals and if they used a toe poke finish, it was worth 2 – so a toe poke in the D was worth 4!  The girls have already changed their play from last week, the future looks bright for this age group, can’t wait to see where we go with them!

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Over 12s

The first of our guest football teams came this week, Kirk Deighton Rangers U13s.  We introduced them to some of the techniques of futsal and played a recovery game, and finished with a match.  The girls were a great credit to the club and worked extremely hard all night – apparently we have convinced their goalkeeper she is now a centre-forward!!

If you are involved with a girls’ football team as a player, manager, parent and your team is in this area, and you fancy a FREE 1 hour futsal session, get in touch – we are booking spaces for January 2018 already!

We would like to thank all the parents for their amazing support, especially just before Christmas.  The club would be nothing without you and your daughters. We have very big plans for next year!

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