STOP PRESS NEWS – We have a game on the 22 March, where BFC Best Futsal Club, winners of the Manor Futsal Cup will play York City Futsal U13 Development squad at the University of York.  The game is now confirmed, kick off 7pm, families, supporter, pets and groupies very welcome to come and watch!

We started with a  team warm up in which the players had to dribble the ball to occupy a cone, before passing the ball back to their team mates.  This continued until everyone in the team was occupying a different cone.  Good fun to watch and some fantastic effort being shown by everyone.

We moved onto a shooting session, in which we showed the players how it was important to make sure when they shoot, either a goal was scored or the ball  missed the target.  If the shot was saved by Abbi in goal, she was allowed to kick from her hands and try to score in the opposite end of the court, while the player tried and recovered the full length of the court.  We think Abbi came out well on top in this exercise.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

We finished with some games in which you could only be 1-0 ahead.  So once you had scored you were not allowed to go and score again, if you did, the score reverted back to 0-0.  It was great to watch how the teams  keep the ball and where they kept the ball.  Some great futsal play from Leon and James G, and some great goalkeeping from Coach Chris!

Well what a difference a week makes, all the players were so good tonight.  Their attitude from the first moment was spot on and they all gave 110% for the whole evening.  The coaches really enjoyed tonight and we can’t wait for next week, thank you to every single player!

Girls’ player of the week – Ruby – When she plays like this, she looks a very good futsal player, very comfortable on the ball and a shot that any of the boys would be proud of, well done Ruby, keep up the great work!

Boys’ player of the week – Leon – He has all the attributes to go very far in futsal/football but at times his attitude lets him down.  Tonight, he was on fire and played some brilliant futsal, great performance and well deserved.

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