Well, another week and a squad game for the older group.  But first the ever-growing younger group!

After the warm up we did a simple shooting session.  The girls exchanged passes before playing the ball into Coach Chris.  He laid the ball back, outside of the D, and the girls had to strike it first time.  We were looking for good accuracy, different types of finishes, toe pokes and laces, and lots of power!  The girls all did brilliantly and some cracking goals were scored.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We finished with a full court game in which Coaches Suzy and Chris each took a side.  The game was really end to end with both goalkeepers making brilliant saves.  Some of the passing from this younger group had to be seen to be believed, amazing and really good futsal!

So that ends another block of coaching.  The club has now grown to 26 members and we are still getting enquiries.  The girls were all rewarded for their fantastic hard work with an Easter Egg.

Player of the week for the Under 11s was Amy.  She has only been a member for a short time but already she is showing great promise.  Her passing and movement tonight was fantastic and she pretty much covered all the court.  Well done Amy, keep it up!

On to the match – with the girls playing in the FA Futsal Qualifiers very soon, we wanted them to get used to playing under the competition rules.  Coach Chris referred the game as it will be in the qualifiers.  It also gave the girls valuable time playing with their respective age groups.

Click here to see how the girls got on.  It includes a match report, detailed statistics, images and video highlights of the match.

Thank you for all the amazing support you have shown to this very new club.  Have an amazing Easter and we will see you all back on Sunday 8 April.

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