Wow, wow, and more wow – we had 33 girls playing futsal today! That is a new club record, and one we are immensely proud of! Thank you to all for your amazing support.

The younger group started with some ball skills, lots of touches and general mayhem around the court. Big well done to Katie H and Eva for getting to the last two in the ball stealing game!

We worked on building the play from the goalkeeper in the main part of the session. There was a safe zone in which the goalkeeper had to play the ball into to start the match, the opposition could not enter this zone until after the first touch. Every time the ball went out for a kick-in we started with the opposition’s goalkeeper, making play go from end to end.

Click here to see the pictures from the session

The older group started with two half court possession based warm ups – after every 2nd touch they had to touch the halfway line. This was progressed to after every successful pass they sprinted into the other half of the court. This made the game switch from 4v4 to anything up to 8v3!

This group also concentrated on building the play from the goalkeeper. We worked on the starting position of the team in possession and why sometimes it wasn’t right to play early. It was interesting to watch how the opposition played in this game, sometimes dropping very deep and other times pressing right on to the edge of the safety zone to win the ball back very early. Well done to Alice for scoring, something she claims she just can’t do!

Player of the week for the younger group was Lena – Her passing and tackling was brilliant, and her decision making as a goalkeeper, when to come out and when to stay was also excellent. Fantastic performance, well played Lena!

Player of the week for the older group was Eleanor W – She is a great communicator and worked very hard today on her recovery. She is also a great organiser and made sure ‘her’ team tried to do what was the best in the session, future captain material we think!

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