postWhat a difference a year makes! A year ago, we struggled to get many boys interested in futsal, but now, in two weeks we had 18 already attend, with three-quarters first timers.

The girls were back after their Halloween adventures but we still have space for a couple more!  Their session started with shooting drill in which the girls received a pass, turned with as fewer touches as possible through a set of cones and had a shot on goal.  Balls were placed on cones for them to hit to aid accuracy and poor Mr Foster was hit smack on the head when trying to replace a dislodged ball!  Head up next time, Mr Foster!

They then progressed onto 1v1 for 2 minutes, regardless if anyone scored.  This moved on to 2v2, 3v3 and finally 4v4 – needless to say the pace was frantic and goals galore were scored!  They finished with a quick 5 minute match in which the keepers both suffered from ‘megs’ on more than one occasion!

Player of the week – Phoebe – new to futsal but she never stopped running, gave 100% and had a smile on her face throughout, brilliant!

Click here to see images from the second futsal session back at Manor.

With a record number of boys tonight, Andy has had to be on his toes!  He started them off with a passing drill where they were split into 3 teams and had to pass the ball across two areas without hitting either of the other teams.  They were then challenged to pass the ball between two players of a different colour – breaking a line.  The boys found this harder than they thought as there were lots of players in a small area.

Andy then moved the boys onto a shooting drill where the player received a pass from a central area before moving at pace through a gate and taking a shot.  Some of the boys can’t half hit the ball and the goals took a battering!

The session finished with a 7v7 match with a few rules!  When in possession if the build up included a first time pass and the team then scored – it counted as 3 goals!  He also challenged all the players to have a maximum of 3 touches when in possession.  The game finished in a draw with the goalkeepers coming out on top!

Player of the week – Oli – he was always looking to pass the ball quickly and set up lots of shots on goal for his team mates, showed great futsal skills and great energy throughout the session, top player!

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