postWeek 5 of the futsal saw the girls concentrate on passing and moving with the ball.  Coach Andy had the players in pairs passing the ball between them through a set of cones.  The players received the ball either side of the cones, and then moved back to the middle to receive another pass, and so on.  He got them to concentrate on a good first touch and the quality of the return pass.

The girls then combined into 2 pairs and the receiving players moved across both sets of cones, travelling with side steps and concentrated on using their right foot when on the right hand side and their left foot when on the left.  The girls found this challenging but after some perseverance the drill worked very well.

In the match at the end the girls first touch had obviously improved and the play was fast and furious with poor Zoe taking a ball right on her nose!  Abbi in goal made some brilliant saves and the game was close until Kim scored a couple of crackers late on.

Player of the week – Zoe – her passing and first touch has improved so much since she started futsal a year ago.  She is now more confident on the ball and her shooting is always on target.  Great work and keep it up Zoe!

Click here to see some images from the fifth futsal session at Manor.

The boys had the assistance of a bench to practise their passing, receiving and shooting.  First drill had the boys playing the ball against a bench, collecting the rebound and shooting into an open goal.  The weight of the pass and the first touch were important to allow them to get a quick shot away.  The second drill moved the bench and the players had to pass against it, before collecting the ball and moving to their right before shooting.

The final drill needed the players to chip the ball over the bench before having a 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper.  This seemed really easy but the players struggled to get the ball over the bench, and also allowing them time to collect it safely before attacking the goal.  Again after some tips on technique from Coach Andy, the players improved no end.

The game at the end saw a fast and furious pace with Shan in one goal making some outstanding saves, one Coach Suzy still doesn’t know how he did it!  Aiden and Cole put in a great effort with some brilliant tackling and recovery runs – a key part of the game of futsal.

Player of the week – Aiden – his energy and effort are second to none and Coach Suzy says he didn’t stop running for the whole session, a real live wire!  His tackling and recovery runs were brilliant covering every part of the court!  Well done Aiden, keep up the great work!

Another great session at Manor with both the boys and girls progressing on their futsal journey.  We have even had interest from Manor’s new Headmaster – watch this space – we might even get him in a pair of shorts kicking a ball soon!

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