This morning we welcomed Gavin, a professional photographer, who came to shoot a promotional video on the club! Check back soon to see the finished video, we really can’t wait!

Click here to see his website and the top work he does!

We had two new players come and try futsal for the first time – welcome Isla and Beatrix, we hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you again very soon!

The first group started with a game of Cone Wars, a definite hit and one we will be doing again! They continued their work on looking after the ball – we used multiple balls at various times during the session. We wish we could bottle the energy this groups shows – they never stop running! The other two groups continued their work on dualities, working as pairs to create opportunities. We worked on using the width and depth of the court, not following the ball and trying to make the longest safest pass they can. Both sessions started slowly but by the end the girls really did step it up and showed some great play, fantastic to watch!

Click here to see all the pictures from the session

Player of the week for the first hour was Imogen B – boy this girls is good! She is aggressive, strong, powerful and what a shot to finish it off. She is starting to understand the game of futsal better and her work rate off the ball is also improving. We have a players on our hands…well played Imogen!

Player of the week for the second hour was Aria P – when Aria is on it, she is a seriously good players and today she was at her best. Her passing and movement, especially in the small practise at the start was as good as anyone. Top performance from a top player, keep this up Aria!

Player of the week for the third hour was Freya D – a player who never ceases to impress us, she can see a pass as good as anyone, and her positioning on the court to intercept is as good as anyone in the club, ladies team included! Fabulous session, top marks Freya!

Final thoughts of a coach – Simple thought for all the coaches out there, should we make session simple to allow us to get the results we want, or make them hard to challenge the players throughout? I guess the answer is somewhere in between. Today was an example of this, in two of the sessions the girls struggled with the concept and understanding of what we were looking for, but by the end the futsal on display was brilliant. We worked on a guiding process, asking open questions to provoke answers and getting players to show us what they meant on a tactics board. It is hard to watch at times as a coach when its not going well, but be patient and let the players player…they do get there in the end!

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