Well what a busy morning, and a huge thank you to all the parents for coming to the right session, it was very much appreciated for your amazing support.

A very special mention to Sofia, welcome back to training after recovering from a broken ankle, it was so good to see you playing futsal again, and so kind for the card, we all appreciated it.

We carried on the work with defending and expanded the tasks to include more than one defender. We spoke about was it easier to defend with one or more than one defender, and why this made recovery so important? The girls worked on their body shape and forcing the player onto their weaker foot, and then picking the right moment to try and pinch the ball. The older group did a lot of work on communication, they pretty much hated it, but it was fun, making them talk to each other! Well, the parents and coaches enjoyed it anyway!

Click here to see all the pictures from the session

Player of the week for the first hour was Lucy C – She really tried to think about what she was doing with the ball, not just kicking it away, and her tackling and work rate were first class, best session yet, well done Lucy!

Player of the week for the second hour was Isla H – This young lady really worked on her body shape, trying to bend her knees and make the attacker go onto their weaker foot. She improved so much as the session went on, all the coaches were very impressed, top job Isla!

Player of the week for the third hour was Abbie D – We really like this young lady, she is strong, pacy and has a wicked shot. She is so coachable and her futsal has already improved so much since she started, another one we are watching for the future ladies team. Keep up this great start Abbie!

Sorry there are not that many pictures, Coach Chris got carried away coaching and forgot to take them!

Final thoughts of a coach – Defending is not a topic most kids want to do, but it really is a big part of futsal and something they have to be comfortable with, if not like! I try very hard to be over positive and have a laugh with this topic, and so far, touch wood, all the girls have responded brilliantly. We saw huge improvements in the sessions and then in the U13 match afterwards we saw players taking up the correct positions when defending corners and kick-ins, brilliant to watch.

We are still getting enquires about joining and are getting pearilously close to being full – not sure what the next step is, another hour, or another night? One thing I do know is we need more help – especially with things like taking pictures and videos – we provide all the equipment and training, you just need to be keen! Let me know if you can helping anyway at all. Stay safe everyone, Chris

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