After the smoke has finally cleared from the 4 separate Pokemon Girls regional qualifiers and we have crowned our winners at U10s, U12s, U14s and U16s, we thought it would be good to have a quick review of all that happened.

Here are a few stats for you:

Teams – 26 – of which 14 had never entered a futsal tournament before.

Players – 195 – of which over half had never tried futsal before.

Minutes played – 720 minutes or 12 hours!

Games Played – 56.

Goals Scored – 235 at an average of 4 per game or one every 3 minutes!

Website Hits – the highest we have ever seen with each week breaking the weeks before!

Friends Made – Hundreds!

And people try and tell us no-one is interested in futsal…

Congratulations to the following teams who will go and represent NRCFA in the next round of the tournament later this year:

Wigginton Grasshoppers U10s

Boro Rangers U12s

York Railway Institute U14s

Bootham Girls’ & Ladies’ Futsal Club – York U16s

Huge thank you to all the referees, coaches and parents for giving the players the fantastic opportunity to play futsal, in our eyes you are all superstars. The support and atmosphere you provided helped make the tournament the huge success it was. No-one will ever forget the tense atmosphere for the U16s penalty shootout and the cheer/relief when the home side finally won through, simply amazing!

Let’s leave the the final word to Bootham Futsal Clubs’ Chairman and Head Coach Chris, he said, ‘I am still speechless after the last 4 weeks. We broke records at every age group for teams, players, goals and support, each week was amazing. The standard of play from all the girls, from U10s to the U16s was the highest we have ever seen, some stunning goals, fabulous play and acrobatic goalkeeping, and to finish on a penalty shootout just capped the whole 4 weeks.’

He finished by saying, ‘Lets hope this has captured the imagination of girls who can see futsal as a game they can play, enjoy and develop with. We are always on the look out for talented individuals who ultimately want to challenge themselves in the national league with our ladies team, and can ultimately pull on that England shirt at U19s. Now, let’s see how we can make this even bigger next year…’

Thank you everyone, Coach Chris

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