We welcomed yet another new girl trying futsal for the first time – hello Mila, we hope you had a good time!

This week, we started the younger group with some ball skills, this included toe taps, roll overs, step overs and Cruyff turns. The girls concentrated so hard and we got some fantastic results, we love their determination.

We continued with sessions that got the girls to use their bodies to get across and in-front of their opponents. At first some of the girls were too nice but by the end they were giving each other a shove, brilliant to watch. This group is getting better every week, and are great fun to coach!

Click here to see the pictures from the session

The older group started with a passing game in which they had to get all their cones on the floor to score a goal. They moved on to a similar session to the younger group with using their bodies, and let’s just say we got some mean girls in the second hour. There was definitely no quarter given this time – personally we wouldn’t want to play against Hannah, Summer or Niamh!

They finished with some 2 touch games in which the passing at times was brilliant, fantastic to watch. Another fab week at Bootham, the time just flies by. Special mention to Katie J, who did both sessions today, and worked her socks off in both!

Player of the week for the younger group was Toni – she might be one of the smallest in the group but what a big heart she has! Add to that the great feet and technique and we have a seriously good player in the making! Great start to your futsal journey, Toni, keep it up!

Player of the week for the older group was Elena – it can be very hard when you move from one age to the next, especially when the new group are much more experienced, but Elena has stuck at it and showed great resilience this week. Well played and keep working hard!

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