With the weather turning cold and frosty on the outside, and football matches being cancelled over the weekend, we settled in to another indoor fantastic futsal session!

We concentrated on passing the ball and movement with the younger group, really getting them to use the sole of their foot to control but also to move after they have passed it.

With the FA Futsal Youth Cup qualifiers coming up in January, we had a quick chat about the rules and then onto some games. We played 3 minute games with different restrictions and boy, did the girls respond. Coach Suzy said afterwards that this was the best futsal she has seen this group ever do!

Click here to see the pictures from the session

The older group did the same session but we concentrated on the quality of the pass and the movement after the pass. At one stage the girls had 5 balls and 6 different stations to think about!

They also concentrated on game play with some restrictions. First was a two touch game, always hard work, but well worth practicing. Next we moved on to a coaches’ favourite of every player being in the opposition’s half before being able to score and finally onto only scoring in the D. There are some seriously talented players in this group, but best of all they always put a shift in, great to watch!

Player of the week for the younger group was Mila – doesn’t say a lot but goes about her play with no dramas and plenty of quality. Her passing today was of the highest order, whether a short ball or a full front to back pass, fantastic to watch! Well done Mila, keep up this high standard!

Player of the week for the older group was Niamh – she has bags of ability, and today she showed us why she is one of our most exciting players, a real match winner and a real talent for the future! Well done Niamh, and on your birthday also!

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