With both coaches feeling under the weather, it was left to the girls to brighten the spirit, and, boy, they didn’t let us down! We welcomed another first time futsal player, welcome Lena, we hope you had fun?

After a warm up of cone stealing, the younger group worked on their 1v1 attacking. We asked them to go at pace, try and keep moving forward and, above else, shoot whenever they could. We also worked with the defenders on being positive to try and win the ball, and be physical whenever possible.

The match showed how much the girls had improved, and we got some fantastic moments of magic, really pleasing to watch.

Click here to see the pictures from the session

The older group also worked on their 1v1 play but we extended this with some 2v2 on three-quarters of a court. It is a real delight to have Ellie, a very good goalkeeper, join us, she made some outstanding saves, time and time again.

We played a new game this week, Coach Chris has called it Netball/Futsal – when a player receives the ball, they can not be tackled but they also can not move. If they keep hold of the ball for more than 4 seconds, they have to surrender the ball to the opposition. After much confusion at the start, the girls really got to grips with the game, and we saw some brilliant passing moves.

Player of the week for the younger group was Emma – such a lovely kid and one never short of an opinion! Today she scored an absolute worldie, and then a fantastic piece of skill to beat a defender. Fab play from a fab player, well done, Emma!

Player of the week for the older group was Ruby – a young lady with real talent in both football and futsal, and today she showed how good she is on the ball. She also showed how unselfish she can be and played some lovely passes throughout the court, top day from a top player!

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