Another fantastic session at Bootham Futsal Club, and we said hello to a new member, welcome Ellie, we hope you had fun!

The younger group worked on dribbling and running with the ball. We concentrated on getting them to have lots of touches of the ball, with different parts of their feet, and at different speeds.

In the matches we put two gates on halfway, and if the girls dribbled the ball through one of these gates, and their team went on to score, it was worth 3 goals. The girls worked extremely hard and we got some fantastic results!

Click here to see the pictures from the session

The older group continued their work on man marking when out of possession. After a warm up, the girls paired up and played some 3 minute games where they could only tackle their own opposite player. When their team was out of possession, they had to work very hard to get back and mark.

We progressed this to a 3v3 game in which players swapped on and off court to try and lose their marker. It started a bit chaotic, with players not sure if they should be on or off court, but by the end we saw some very clever play from everyone.

Player of the week for the younger group was Lucy – another one of our new players. She quietly goes about her work and is improving week by week. Today she tried really hard with her dribbling and control, and both coaches noticed this! Well done Lucy, keep up the hard work!

Player of the week for the older group was Summer – a young lady who is all commitment, never gives up and works hard every single session. She really got to grips with the cones swapping game and played some fantastic futsal. Well done, Summer, great start to you futsal journey!

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