We were back with our first training session after the half term holidays, and welcomed 2 players on trial, Hannah and Maddie, we hope you had fun!

The first group started with some possession and dribbling games. The session was led by Coach Suzy with help from old member Denva. The idea of the game was to run from your own half into the opposition’s half without getting tagged, and bring a ball back. Needless to say, we saw some brilliant play with lots of good runs and possession. The games at the end saw some good passing and finishing, both age groups looking good!

Click here to see the pictures from the session

The second group worked on defending from behind. The girls played 3v4 on a full court, and we challenged the defenders to make sure the attacker always played the ball backwards towards their own goal. The defenders needed to be within touching distance but patient and not get turned. The girls struggled at first, by trying to always win the ball, but over time they learnt to wait and only try and win the ball when the attacker showed it. Not an easy session but by the end we did get some very good results, well done to everyone!

Player of the week for the younger group was Orla – one of the newest players we have at the club. Over the last few weeks she has slowly got more and more confident, started to learn the game and today she really shinned. Well done Orla, keep it up this great start!

Player of the week for the older group was Alice – she was one of the players who really worked very hard at her defending. She showed lots of patience and plenty of physicality to win the ball, and hardly got beat all session. Well done, Alice, keep working hard!

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