Kimberly started the session with a bit of Noughts and Crosses!  Funny how players can’t see the board when running at pace and under pressure from their team-mate, they miss the simplest of moves!

The whole session was based around some 3v3 games with only one restriction, a player could only score one goal in a row, before their team mates scored.  Winner stayed on after each game!  Each game was 3 minutes long and at the start, players moaned that one team would win every game and never come off, and also 3 minutes wasn’t anywhere near long enough…

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

We also shortened the court to make the recovery distances smaller.  Well, after the first 5 or so games, players were really starting to realise how long 3 minutes is when you only have 3 players!  If one players doesn’t recover back, then you are always outnumbered and almost definitely conceded!

There was some brilliant futsal played, with some top quality finishing, pity we didn’t manage to video Kacper’s solo wonder goal!  And you know what, by the end of the night, 3 teams had won the same number of games and one team had won 1 more!  Great night with a fantastic attitude from everyone, well done, and see you all next week!

Girls’ player of the week – Ellen – She was the last girl standing!  Everyone else left her, so top marks to Ellen for sticking it out until the end, you did brilliantly, well done Ellen!

Boys’ player of the week – Kacper – He had to be the player of the week after his audacious flick up and volleyed goal, simply brilliant!  He also made several last gasp goal line clearances, top players, well done Kacper!

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