We swapped things round tonight as the younger group were playing a game against Hessle Rangers U14 Girls from Hull.  So the older group started first!

Click here to see how the U12s got on, with a full match report, pictures and videos of the game

We welcomed another new girl tonight, Amelia, you are very welcome!  Claire and Amelia started with some 1v1 and 2v2 work with Coach Suzy, Katie and Kim.

Coach Chris had a 10 minute chat to the older group about the game against the Australians.  After the game he had a chat with Junior Roberti, head coach of York City Futsal Club, who gave him some pointers on the game and the performance.  Key areas to concentrate on are moving after the pass, using the whole width and depth of the court and speed of playing the ball i.e. don’t get caught in possession.

We played a 15 minute 3v3 keep ball game, with Coach Chris acting as the spare player.  The rules were you couldn’t give the ball back to the player who had passed it to you, and you only had a maximum of 3 touches.  The girls struggled at the start but got to grips with it at the end.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We combined everyone together and played a match to finish the session with.  The older players were limited to 3 touches, and told to be careful of the little ones!  Clare was on fire and score a very quick hat trick.  The older players were then reduced to 2 touch, and before the end of the game 1 touch only.  Games like this, help the players realise how much work needs to be done by the players off the ball, they can’t stand still.

Well, considering we had an 8-year-old playing with the 15s, it was a very good session.  Big thank you to the older group for making Clare and Amelia feel very welcome and looking after them.  It shows the club is not about any individual, but everyone is treated the same!

Player of the week for the Younger Group was Amelia B.  She was brand new to the club this week, and played most of the night against the oldest group.  Did this stop her, no chance, she got stuck in and really enjoyed herself!  Welcome to the club Amelia, great start!

Player of the week for the Older Group was Drew.  She was the perfect ‘big sister’ to Amelia and Clare tonight. She gave them the ball whenever possible and ‘let’ in the odd goal or two I’m sure she could have saved!  Great attitude to the club Drew, you are a star!

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