Wow, it was so hot in the gym last night, but it didn’t stop everyone from giving 100%.  We had a large number away on a school residential camp, but with Matthew, Katie and the coaches we still had plenty to work with.

We started with a simple shooting session, in which after a passing triangle the players passed the ball to Coach Chris, who laid the ball back centrally for a first time shot at Matthew in goal.  After several attempts by all the players, we discussed what would be a good finish in this situation – a toe poke!  The players were encouraged to try to shot using a toe poke, top shooters were Kimberly, awesome and Harley, very accurate!

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

In the games we limited the players to have as many touches as they wanted in their own half, but only two touch in the oppositions half.  The games were 10 minutes each, but if you scored with a first time toe poke, you immediately won and stayed on.

It was brilliant to watch the way the players tried to get themselves in a position to finish first time, sometimes with a normal shot but other times using a toe poke.  The heat was horrible and players struggled to make recovery runs, but still played some excellent futsal.  Really good session and some fantastic learning from all involved.  See you all next week!

Girls’ player of the week – Kimberly – The main technique we wanted the players to use today was the toe poke finish, and boy did Kimberly get it spot on, her shots were simply unstoppable!  Well done Kimberly, great technique!

Boys’ player of the week – Dan – He usually wants to run with the ball until he runs out of court or runs into someone, but today he really got his head up and passed the ball very well, nearly a futsal player!  Well done Dan, keep improving.

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