On Wednesday and Thursday, as part of the Year 6s induction day at Manor CE Academy, Pro Coaching Academy were asked to deliver 3 sessions of futsal to nearly a 100 visiting pupils.

Each session started with a fun warm up, getting the children running and moving about the hall.  They then got into small groups of 2 or 3 and passed a ball between them, trying to use the whole of the sports hall.  Over the next 10 minutes, they were introduced to different futsal techniques, bottom of the foot control, toe poke, moving the ball, etc to give them a taste of futsal.

The hall was split into 2 courts and they finished with some 5v5 matches.  The boys and girls were split up, and played 5 minute games, introducing the players to rules of the game as and when they happened.

The sessions absolutely flew by, and it seems everyone had a fantastic time.  Coach Chris said afterwards, ‘It is always a great opportunity to introduce the game to new players.  I especially love it when children say, oh no football, I hate football, but then you hear them afterwards saying, wow that was amazing!  Hopefully we have tempted a few to come and join Manor Futsal Club in August.’

Huge thank you to Matt, Harley, James G, Reece, Kasper, Izac, Dan, Aiden, Ellen, James H, Matilde, Katie, Owen and Abbi for all their help over the two days.

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