After the massive success of the last tournament the girls wanted another!  So in Week 22, we decided to have a second mini tournament.  Again, we divided the girls up into teams of 3 with one of the coaches as the team captain.


The teams for the girls were as follows:

Chris’s Superstars – Coach Chris, Ruby and Melody.

Suzy’s Angels – Coach Suzy, Katie, Zoe and Katie S.

Simon’s Techys – Mr Foster, Kim, Beth and Beth S.

Each team played each other twice in a 6 minute game, with normal futsal rules.

After some pretty amazing matches the results were as follows:

Round One

Chris’s Superstars 3 – Suzy’s Angels 3

Simon’s Techys 1 – Suzy’s Angels 0

Simon’s Techys 1 – Chris’s Superstars 2

Round Two

Chris’s Superstars 3 – Suzy’s Angels 1

Simon’s Techys 1 – Suzy’s Angels 4

Simon’s Techys 2 – Chris’s Superstars 5

So the final table was Chris finished top with 3 wins and 1 draw, Suzy finished second with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 defeats, and bringing up the rear was Simon with 1 win and 3 defeats.

Champions again, and for the second time of the Manor CE Academy Girls’ Futsal Tournament was Chris’s Superstars!

Click here for more images from the tournament


The boys decided they just wanted to play a full match.  So we split the teams with Matthew and Noah as captains and they picked the teams they wanted, just like the good old-fashioned play ground way!

We played 15 minutes each way with a break for a drink and a chat about team tactics.  The only change to the rules was that you could only score from beyond the last yellow line – this stopped players trying to score from anywhere.

Matthew’s team raced in to a 4 goal lead with some great team play from all but Noah’s clawed it back to 5-3 just before the break, helped by a mistake from Coach Chris in goal…

Second half was a much more even affair and Noah finally started to find the net with his shooting, making the final score a narrow win, 8-7 to Matthew.

At the end of each session tonight the players were all rewarded with an Easter Egg for all their hard work this half term – courtesy of Pro Coaching Academy.

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