PostAs is the usual for futsal through Pro Coaching, the last session of the term is the much-anticipated tournament.  We split the players into three teams, and this time Coach Chris got to watch and didn’t have to make up the numbers!

The teams were:

Team Yellow: Max D, Tom S, Joshua, Oliver, Dan

Team Orange: Eddie, Max S, Tom M, Ben, Grace, Issy

Team Blue: Archie, Joe, Bailey, Faisal, Roo

The first round of games finished as follows:

Team Yellow 1 – 2 Team Orange

Team Yellow 0 – 1 Team Blue, with a last gasp winner from Archie!

Team Orange 3 – 1 Team Blue

So Team Orange looked like the team to beat with two wins out of two.  The second round of games finished as follows:

Team Yellow 3 – 1 Team Orange

Team Yellow 1 – 3 Team Blue

Team Orange 2 – 2 Team Blue, with a last gasp equaliser from Joe!

Winning Team

The Winning Blue Team

So the table finished with:

Team Orange: W2 L1 D1 F8 A7

Team Blue: W2 L1 D1 F7 A6

Team Yellow: W1 L3 D0 F5 A7

The players of teams Orange and Blue wanted a penalty shoot out to decide the champions, and with the goalkeepers on form it was left for Eddie to level for Team Orange after Roo had scored for Team Blue, but Bailey made a magnificent save to give Team Blue the title!




Nut 04 - Grace


A couple of other awards we gave out!

‘The Nutmeg Files’

First went to Grace for her outstanding ‘nutmeg’ on Joe from week 4, Joe still can’t believe how she did it!




Nut 06 - Matthew M


Second one goes to Tom M for being ‘nutmegged’ by Coach Chris during week 6 while he was talking!  Tom is always trying to ‘get’ the coach but is far too slow!!!  Better luck next time Tom




It has been a fantastic half term of futsal and Coach Chris cannot wait to start again in June.  We hope everyone has a great half term and we look forward to seeing the players back on Wednesday 8th June.

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