This is the largest age group within the club and we are blessed with so many talented young players. Sophie stood out to all the coaches with her desire to improve. She is always looking to get better each and every week. She moved up to play with the older group and really did land on her feet, showing what a good player she is. Best of all, she does all this with a huge smile other face.

Heather – Highly Commended – is very new to futsal but for such a young players she has so much ability. She is learning the game week on week but her natural footballing ability is seriously impressive. Of all the players at the club we can see this young lady having a very bright and long future in football or futsal, but we hope futsal! This is definitely one to watch for the future.

Ava – Highly Commended – is one of those players who just looks so comfortable with the ball at her feet, she seems to glide across the court. One of the best passers in the club, she can see and execute a pass from anywhere on the court. New to the game, Ava is still a very raw talent, but we can’t wait to see what happens next season.

Emily-Sue – Highly Commended – has been with us since day one and rarely misses a session. She is currently sitting top of the attendance list and will be first to get her 100th medal. This season she started adding that little bit of aggression to her game, and also her understanding of what is expected on court also grew. A great ambassador for the club and someone we are proud to call our own!

Come back tomorrow to see the U16 winners for the 2020/21 season.

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