TekkersAfter we posted the 25 Ball Mastery Skills video, we asked you to show us your ‘tekkers’.

Second to respond was Alexia from York Railway Institute Girls U13s – see her video below!

Coach of York Railway Institute U13s team, Chris Collins, said ‘When we posted the challenge we expected a few players to have a go and perhaps do a couple of the skills, but the standard set by Alexia and Chloe is frightening.  The level of skill shown is breath-taking, both are naturals!’

Pro Coaching Academy says – Unbelievable Tekkers Lexi!

Alexia has challenged Pro Coaching Academy coach Suzy to upload her video!  Will the challenge be accepted?  Come back soon and see!

Can you do any better? Anyone from the University take up the challenge? Send us your clips!



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