Well, we are back for another year of girl’s futsal with Bootham Futsal Club!  We welcomed some old faces and some new faces – welcome to Ruby N, Katie H, Lily S, and Emily!

It was great to see some the new faces in the younger age groups.  We started with some simple ball skills, moving around the court with a ball, and performing toe-taps, step-overs and similar skills.  This was then progressed to working as a pair and passing and moving between the partners.

The girls then moved onto a full court dribbling session.  One side of the court was a line of cones in to dribble through, the end had bigger cones set over a wider area, again for the girls to dribble round.  We talked about using both feet, taking their time and making sure they got a good shot at the goal in the end.

In the match, the girls were not allowed to score two goals in a row, and when they did score, they had to collect a cone from one side of the court and place it back on the other side.  It was a fantastic first hour back and the future looks very bright for the U10s and U12s age groups.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

The second hour started with a 2v1 session.  The players started on the halfway line, with the centre player passing the ball to one of the other 2 players, and then defending the goal.  We talked about the attackers being positive with their first touch, and keeping their width on the court.  Best goal was scored by Niamh and Kimberly, with a great second post finish.

We moved onto a simple passing drill, in which we challenged the players to move the ball as they controlled it.  The coach constantly changed the direction and number of balls used.  The girls did great with this, amazing to watch.  They moved onto a 2v2 continuous practice, in which the winners stayed on and the coach decided which goal they attacked.  This is really hard work and the girls really did give it everything.

We finished with a full court game, in which the girls applied what they had learnt throughout the session.  Considering some of the girls hadn’t played futsal for several months, the standard was very high.  Great session, and some very happy coaches.

With more new players coming next week, places are filling up very fast!  Don’t delay, get in touch and become part of this amazing club! 

Player of the week for the First Hour was Sophie.  She never stops smiling!  We like the way she never gives up and runs pretty much for the whole hour.  In the match at the end, she scored a cracking goal and her smile and celebration was fantastic!  Well done Sophie!

Player of the week for the Second Hour was Tegan.  She gave everything tonight, a brilliant attitude from the moment she arrived.  Her hold up play is getting better and better each week, and she is absolutely pleasure to coach.  One of the best, well done Tegan!

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