We welcomed back the girls for the first week of training after the Pokemon age group tournaments, and what a few weeks that was. Attendance was low as it was the first week of the half term holidays but the players who turned up didn’t let us down!

We had four new player come and try futsal for the first time – welcome Amelia, Ruby, Millie and Imogen, we hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you again very soon!

All the groups did the same session and a huge well done to Aide for delivering one of these sessions, it’s never easy being put on the spot. The girls played on half a court, normal rules but you could only score from inside the oppositions half. We worked on set up play to maximum the space to receive the ball, playing in behind, finishing first time and playing forward when we could and team work. Pretty much all of the comments and ideas came from the girls themselves and we saw some fab play from so many.

No photos this week as I forgot the camera…

Final thoughts of a coach – the last month has been a been a bit of a whirlwind. We had the four Pokemon age groups and 3 ladies games with about 300 miles of travelling in all that as well. I’m shattered, as I’m sure are most of the ladies team. We still have a ladies league game coming up this week and then a ladies friendly the week after, so not quite a rest yet.

Before the Pokemon tournament I had a bit of a shaky moment, wondering if my coaching was up to standard. A couple of disappointing results for the girls and the ladies team really did make me question how and what I was delivering. But after the Pokemon games and the way all the age groups played, and the fantastic comments from so many parents, I was starting to believe again. Then the ladies decided to deliver two fantastic away performances, and I am honestly back smiling again. I think I speak for every coach in every sport – at times we doubt our own ability and struggle when performances aren’t what we expect, and those little words of encouragement from friends, players and parents, really do go a long way to helping us get through.

A short break now, so I can refresh and recharge for the next 5 weeks of girls coaching. Stay safe everyone and we will see you all next on Sunday 26 February.

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