A short session this week as Coach Chris had to dash off early, but still everyone gave it 100%

We started with a warm up game of football bulldog, in which the girls definitely came out on top, not sure if the boys actually ever saw them!

The technical part of the session was designed around attacking at pace.  At one end of the court, 4 players passed the ball around until one players name was called out.  This player then had to sprint back inside their own half to defender the other three.  The defender couldn’t touch the ball until he was inside their own half, and the three attackers all had to touch the ball in the defenders half before they could try to score with a first time shot.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

After some coaching the players realised the attackers had to get into the other half as quick as possible and stop the defender getting set.  The quicker they got their touches made the quicker they could get a shot away.  Some good play from James G, Leon and Kacper in their attacking three.

The final matches were all limited to a maximum of two touch and the players worked really hard to find space after each pass.  Coach Suzy ran these matches, with some top goals, and saves being made.  Another good, if shorter session, with everyone really putting in 100%.  See you all next week!

Girls’ player of the week – Matilde – She worked so hard tonight, especially in the technical session, and her touch is improving every week.  We just need her to shoot more often! Well done Matilde!

Boys’ player of the week – Sam – He has a fantastic left foot and great technical ability, but tonight he worked really hard on his recovery and defending, great to watch and well done Sam!

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