When one of the best futsal teams in the world comes to the UK, you have to go and watch! The Brazilian National Futsal team arrived in the UK for one week for a training camp, on their way to play 2 friendlies against Spain.

Coaches Suzy and Chris were lucky enough to attended one of their training days and the sold out game against a UK Allstars team. They were also lucky enough to meet the players, manager and support staff, who signed autographs and posed for pictures.

Click here to watch the training highlights.

Click here to watch highlights of the first half.

Click here to watch highlights of the second half.

Coach Chris spoke to us and said, ‘Wow, what a brilliant experience! The players and staff were amazing. To watch Brazil train and then play a game was an experience I will never forget. To have a conversation with a national team manager on coaching and what he was expecting from his session, and then after the match also, was just unreal. The way the players passed, moved and the pace they played at was breathtaking. It is a few days I will never forget, and yes I admit to being a little star struck when meeting the players!’

Coach Suzy said, ‘As a national league player who started just over a year ago, I wish I was younger and had the opportunity to be half as good as these guys! They moved so fast that at times I struggled to keep my eyes on them and the ball! Their touch and control were magical, their change of pace was unreal and the shooting was scary. It was a privilege to be there and something I will never forget.’

Click here to watch the whole game.

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