Another week, and another Manor futsal session.  We started with a game of keep ball, in which the players were split into two team and had 1 minute to win and keep as many futsal balls in their half of the court as possible.  Cue 5 minutes of chaos!

We move on to some technical stuff with a 2v1 game that developed into a 3v2.  Once the players got the pattern of play we had some excellent futsal from Harley and Leon, Owen and Kimberly.  The players are really using the court width and depth to exploit the defence, fantastic to watch.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

We moved onto some games with a central area marked across the court.  Before a team could score they had to receive a pass in this area.  If the opposition won the ball back, regardless of where on the court, they also had to receive a pass in this central area before they could score.  It was great to watch how the players worked out how to defend this area, how to press high and stop the opposition being able to pass into a player in the area.  Also from an attacking point of view, how they realised the quicker they got the pass made, they could then attack as they wanted, really good play.

The coaches really enjoyed last night, bit of a slow start to the session but definitely finished on a high and some sublime futsal being played.

STOP PRESS NEWS – We have a game on the 22 March, where BFC Best Futsal Club, winners of the Manor Futsal Cup will play York City Futsal U13 Development squad at the University of York.  Check back for more details on this game!

Girls’ player of the week – Phoebe – We love the way Phoebe looks so comfortable on the ball, she looks so good playing futsal, very impressive – now just to get her mom to let her to stay for the whole session! 

Boys’ player of the week – Harley – After a not so brilliant start, Harley showed what a good futsal player he really is, with great technique and a good engine to get him round the court.  Great work Harley, keep it going!

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