We welcomed 5 new players to the younger group tonight, welcome to Amy, Molly, Sara, Eli and Summer.  This is the most we have ever had for the younger group and fantastic to watch all their enthusiasm.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Under 12s

We worked with them all being comfortable on the ball.  They had to hold on to the ball for a count of 5 before trying to pass the ball back to their teammate.  We wanted them to realise when they were about to lose possession, and then pass it rather than lose it.  All the girls did very well and most managed to keep the ball successfully for the whole count of 5.  Not easy when you have a tenacious 9 year old snapping at your ankles!  They finished with a game in which each team had to keep at least 1 player in each quarter of the court.  This helped them spread out much more and we saw some great play for both side, brilliant to watch.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We also welcomed back to the older group tonight, Alice, for her first visit since we started the club.  We wanted the older group to be more physical with their play, using their body to hold off the defenders when in possession, and to be forceful when out of possession.  At times the girls can be too nice to each other!

We had to show a few of them how to use their body but by the end most had it sorted.  We spoke about how an opponent might play against them, and how they need to be stronger.  We also worked on playing simple and keeping possession rather than giving the ball away with silly passes.  This is an area we will come back to in a few weeks, especially as we are approaching the Regional Futsal qualifiers!

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Over 12s

The older group finished with a conditioned game, in which players were limited to only 3 touches.  This really does make the players move the ball quicker and stops them running into trouble.  Great to see some of the players move the ball quickly and effectively.  A good end to a very good session.

We finished the night by welcoming Brayton U9s & 10s for a team session.  Click here to see how hard they worked tonight!

We have a break for two weeks as Coaches Suzy and Chris are away to renew their FA EFAiF First Aid certificates.  We will see you all again on Sunday 18 March!

Player of the week for the Under 11s was Clare.  She didn’t mind the new players and got stuck in straight away with all the exercises.  In the game she also ran very well with the ball and scored couple of fantastic goals.  Keep up the great work Clare!

Player of the week for the Over 12s was Katie.  She is usually a goalkeeper but is more than happy to play outfield.  She has good technique and uses the court very well to create space.  We love the way she plays the fly goalkeeper, coming right up to the halfway line, great fun to watch!

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