The last session of the half term and that meant tournament time, a firm favourite amongst everyone!

We went for 4 females captains today and here are the teams they picked:

Abbi – Dan, Owen, Izac and Mr Foster

Phoebe ‘Bob’ – Leon, Sam, Ellen, A N Other

Kim – Harley, Katie, Reece and Mrs Collins

Matilde – James, G, James H, Kacper and Coach Chris

We had a twist to the rules this time, suggested brilliantly by Reece.  For every game we drew a random rule out of a hat for the game to be played to i.e. only 2 touch, only 1 goal per player in the game, the players that scored left the field for 1 minute, etc.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

The new rules were greeted by great expectations each time they were drawn, great to watch the reaction from every player.  Each team played each other once with Bobs team having a random coach to help them out.  At the end of the round-robin tournament, we put all four teams in a hat and picked out 2 semi-finals, and then we finished the day with a grand final match.  Overall winner on the day was Matilde’s team, who remained unbeaten throughout all the matches!

Coach Chris and Suzy would just like to say the attitude and performance from everyone in this block of lessons was superb.

Well, that’s the end of yet another half term, wow doesn’t time fly when you are having fun!  Have a great half term break and we will see you all back for the last block of sessions in the school year on Monday 11th June.

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