With the most of the older group involved in a large grassroots football tournament in York today, we only ran the younger group, albeit an hour later.

After a warm up involving trying to pinch your opponents cones, and a lesson in listening to exactly what the coach has said – sometimes it what they don’t say that is important, well done Emily-Sue, we did some work on some 2v1s.

We used the tactics board to get the girls to show us were the defender and attackers should go and why.  Some great answers from the girls and some really good thoughts on why they said these things.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We then played a full court match in which we reminded the girls of some of the rules of the game, including kick-ins and corners.  Next week is the U10s and U12s York & District Futsal Qualifiers, so the girls really need to understand the basics of the game, or they will fall foul of the referees!  We also encouraged players to try to make sure they helped their team mates to score, which resulted in some great play from everyone!

It is always good sometimes as a coach to stand back and just watch and see what the girls are doing.  We loved the way Emily-Sue was so composed on the ball, Amy and Molly never stop running, Amelia B is getting confident each week, Faith gets into some great positions, Maja is trying really hard to keep the ball in play all the time – we could go on and on!

Well, both coaches were shattered after a long day with their grassroots football team, but the energy and effort from the younger really kept them going.  Thank you for all your hard work, big week next week!

Player of the week for the Younger Group was Sophie.  She only joined us a couple of weeks ago, yet her smile is infectious, she never stops!  She is one of the youngest in the club and yet never stops running and always gives 100%.  Keep up the great work Sophie!

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