The warm up tonight involved head to head running to difference colour squares when instructed by the coach.  Some players are very good at reacting to changes of directions, others not so, but fun to watch!

We worked on some 2v1s and 2v2 attacking in half a court to start with.  The defenders were in blue and red bibs, standing in the corners of the court.  Two attackers advanced and the coach instructed either blue, red or both for the defenders to respond.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

This was then advanced on a full court in which the attackers decided how many players they would attack with, 1, 2, 3 or 4 and the defenders could ether match them or be one player less.  If they choose this option and scored in the attackers goal, they were rewarded with 2 goals!  Great to watch the work rate of all involved, brilliant play from so many in the group.

The games at the end were 3v3 on a full court.  First to 3 goals stayed on, but if you won 2 in a row, next game you played 3v4, so teams got plenty of match time.  Also, when you scored, you could either have the goal or remove a player from the opposition for 1 goal.  Poor Sam got picked on so much with this rule!

Another fantastic session from everyone, last one of the half term next week, so that means mini-tournament!  Can’t wait!

Girls’ player of the week – Mrs Collins – She had finally remembered her shooting boots tonight and scored some absolute crackers!  Well done Mrs Collins, we could survive without all your help, thank you so much!

Boys’ player of the week – Harley – He had a brilliant night, both in attack and defence, he really worked hard and covered all the court, a near perfect performance, well done Harley!

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