It was our first session back in St Peter’s and boy, was it good to be back in our main venue, so much more space to play in!

We had one new player come and try Futsal for the first time – welcome, Abbie, we hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you again very soon!

The first group worked on their dribbling with some relay races around different numbers of cones. We asked them to try and use both feet and different surfaces to make the job easier. Great work from the youngest group with some fantastic goals in the first hour. The second group worked on some full court 1v1s and one touch finishing. We asked them to work very hard to keep the ball on the court and make sure they were patient in possession. Good hour with some fantastic work rate from so many different players. The last group started with 1v1s and progressed to 2v2s, again asking them to keep the ball on the court, nothing worse than a full sprint and your partner kicks the ball out of play. They finished with a two touch game, which is never easy and they need to work on passing sidewards and backwards, using the whole court to keep possession.

Click here to see all the pictures from the session

Player of the week for the first hour was Edey – she may be the youngest in the club but boy, she has a big heart. She tackles players twice as big, never backing out of a challenge, and each week she works really hard on her touch and passing. Fantastic performance from a fab young lady!

Player of the week for the second hour was Eva – we can never fault this young lady for her effort, she usually does everything at 100 miles an hour, but today show slowed down, thought about her passing and scored a couple of fantastic goals. Great improvements, well done, Eva!

Player of the week for the third hour was Lexi – apart from the fact she can’t count to 2, she worked very hard with her touch and control, but it was her movement to try and find space today that really stood out. She never stood still and looked to receive the ball as often as she could, well played, Lexi!

Final thoughts of a coach – sometimes as coaches we plan a session wanting a specific outcome and it never comes. Whatever we do, however we adapt the session, it just never comes. Is this a mistake, is this a fault or is it something we should be worried about? Personally, I look back and try and work out why – bad planning from me, possibly, too hard or too easy for the players, not sure, but whatever the issue, you still get other outcomes that are good to watch. For me, it’s still a good session as long as the players learn something and finish smiling – today was definitely one of these days!

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