We started this week with a coaches favourite warm up!  Players move around the court, and on the coaches command are asked to get themselves in a set order, be it height, age, shoe size, etc!  What usually follows is utter chaos as players try to get themselves sorted!  The aim of this warm up is getting the players to release how important communication is in any team sport.

We moved on to a passing practise which on paper seems very simple but in practise proved to be a little hard.  Coach Chris challenged the players to try to complete the exercise with one touch only.  When this was achieved, he then challenged them to complete 20 one touch passes.  These are great exercises to get players using the correct part of the foot to pass with, and also get used to the weight and direction of a pass.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

The games at the were played with a man to man marking theme.  A player from each team was paired up, and during the match you could only tackle your oppositions partner.  Other players could intercept passes from one player to another if the opportunity arose.  This is hard work as one minute you are trying to mark your partner when there team has the ball, next minute you are trying to lose your partner when your team has the ball!  Some great play from Katie, Kimberly, Harley and James G, who really did the better of his big brother Matt!

We finished with a final game of two touch.  The blue team scored some fantastic futsal goals, with the best being 5 one touch passes and second post finish, brilliant to watch!

Player of the week was James G.  He was paired up against his brother in the man marking game, and on the day he really did get the better of his bigger brother!  James never stopped running and caused Matt plenty of problems, brilliant to watch!

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