With Coach Chris still missing, Coach Suzy and Coach Paul, with help from Katie, Kim and Ava took the younger group this week.

We also had another new player come and try Futsal for the first time – welcome Weronika, we hope you had fun and we look forward to seeing you again very soon!

After a fun warm up of bulldogs, with lots of cheating going on, the girls were challenged to a passing circuit. This type of exercise is not easy for younger players but this group nailed it pretty much straight away. They were even challenged to change the direction of the passing and managed this just fine.

In the matches, before the players could receive the ball from their goalkeeper, all their team had to be in their own half. This makes the players recover without even thinking they are doing it. That said we also saw some great passing from so many of the girls, so much so the coaches just sat back and let the games flow.

Click here to see all the pictures from the session

After the warm up, the older group concentrated on a specific game situation. The goalkeepers were not allowed to release the ball until all their team were in their own half, and the ref was counting the 4 seconds as well. Players really had to work hard to recover and start play effectively.

We moved on to what the out of possession team could do to make it harder for the team in possession when play was restarting. Top billing went to Katie J for her fabulous run, amazing pass and sweaty finish to Hannah for the goal of the day!

Both hours today were hard session for the players to understand, but once again they really surprised the coaches and the futsal on display was outstanding! Big round of applause from all the coaches, you are one special group!

Player of the week for the younger group was Ava – One of the youngest in the whole club, Ava has really started to enjoy her sessions. Today she worked really hard on her passing, using the sole of her foot time and time again, and in the matches made a couple of great passes and tackles. Well done Ava, keep on working hard!

Player of the week for the older group was Mila – Since Mila moved from the younger to the older group she has really started to show what a good player she is. She has good feet, can really see a pass and works really hard to help her team out, especially when they are defending. Fab session, you are becoming a very good futsal player, well done, Mila!

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