Coach Chris had a knee operation early in the week, so the sessions were lead today by Coach Suzy and Coach Paul, with help from Kimberly.

The girls were split into 3 teams with goalkeeping provided by Suzy and Kimberly, with Paul assisting from the sidelines. We asked the girls to concentrate on looking after the ball, especially from kick-ins. The challenge was what could they do to keep possession of the ball with their team? At the start of the session we also covered a few of the basic rules of the game.

We saw some fantastic play from this group today. Their understanding of the game just keeps getting better and better, fantastic to watch, well played to all.

Click here to see all the pictures from the session

The older group were split into 3 teams of 4 and played 5 minute games with no goalkeepers and a one touch finish. Teams were run by Coach Suzy and Coach Paul, with Alice also having a go at management!

After the first round of games we asked the players to think about having a deep lying defender who covered the back of the court at all times, especially when out of possession. We also talked about how could the team keep possession from kick-ins and corners.

For the final round of games we talked about having a high player who the others could play off. We asked the girls to think about what type of attributes this player should have i.e. think about their control, their physicality and their shooting skills.

We were so impressed by the understanding of the girls this week, they really took on board what we are asking them to think about. Huge thanks to Manager Alice for trying to sort out her team, she agreed afterwards that coaching/managing is not at all easy!

With over half the club at home self-isolating, and the numbers being very low, we had thought about cancelling the session. The girls that were able to play showed us exactly why we had to run the session, they were immense, and fantastic to watch. Well done to each and every one of you!

Player of the week for the younger group was Freya L – She is one of the current Bishopthorpe White Rose Girls, and what a fab little player she is. She listens, tries, never gives up and always gets there in the end. We have high hopes for this young lady, great attitude and a great credit to the club. Top job, Freya!

Player of the week for the older group was Katie H – Katie missed a few weeks through Covid and we were wondering if she was coming back. We didn’t need to worry – she has come back with a wicked shot, great power and physical presence and a much better understanding of the game! The future looks very bright indeed for this one! Well played, Katie!

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