With the weather being rubbish outside, it was great playing futsal in a lovely dry sports hall!

The younger group continued their work on looking after the ball. They worked on running with the ball – first on half a court, then a quarter, and so on until we ran out of space! They also worked on their passing in groups of 3 and finally played some games in which we conditioned the girls to a 1 touch finish. They all worked so hard and we saw some great support goals in the end, well played everyone!

Click here to see the pictures from the session

The older group started their journey learning how to play a 4-0 formation. Well, let’s put it this way, a lot of confused faces around Coach Chris this week. The girls played 4v4 on a full court, with discs lengthways splitting the court in half. At all times both teams had to have 2 players in each half of the court. It took most of the session for the girls to start to get to grips with what we were asking them to do, but we did see some brilliant bits of play. This is the start of a journey and we have to be patient with the girls, they are a top bunch, so we know they will get there!

The best part of the day was a comment from one of the parents, who pointed out how much the girls seemed to smile! She added, we all stayed dry! Now that’s futsal for you!

Player of the week for the younger group was Jean – as our youngest member, and smallest, she has a huge heart! She never stops running, tackling, shooting and all with a huge smile on her face! Brilliant start to your futsal journey, we look forward to working with you for many years to come!

Player of the week for the older group was Eleanor – in what was a difficult session for the girls to understand, she just seemed to get it first time! She works so hard each week and is fantastic to coach, well done Eleanor!

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