Pro Coaching Academy were recently contacted by Jamie Salter, Head Of Performance, about his brand new business, Athlete Discovery.  This is what he said:

Athlete Discovery offers quality physical development coaching for young athletes in and around York. Very rarely, below the highest levels of youth sport do children get exposed to specific physical development training and often this can limit their progression in sport. I believe that physical competency underpins technical and tactical ability and is a cornerstone of athletic performance in any sport.

Athlete Discovery is for aspiring young athletes aged from 12 years up to find out more about their athletic potential. Personally, we believe that before this children should enjoy the fun elements of sport and take part in as many activities as possible. From 12 children start to identify their preferred sport and may specialise, but are also experiencing the biggest physical changes of their lives, which generates a hot-bed for physical development and can lead to accelerated athletic performance. As an accredited strength and conditioning coach and lecturer in athlete development, I have a good understanding of how much and what young athletes should be doing to reduce injury risk and enhance their performance.

Initially all new clients would have an initial competency assessment, which is free. This first session is a bit of a taster so that people get to know me and my way of working, but also so I can find out more about you and conduct some basic assessments to identify areas for improvement. From this, there are two options, a) I can offer regular 1:1 sessions to individually coach you through the bespoke programme aimed to help you progress, or b) I can put a bespoke programme together for you to work through at home or in your local fitness facility.

I don’t profess to be doing anything remarkable at Athlete Discovery, but we do the simple things very well. There is a trend within sport about chasing ‘marginal gains’ but most people haven’t got the foundations in place. I aim to get people moving well, improving the relevant physical components to help them succeed in their sport. I base programming on a well-considered, evidenced based competency model to progress and regress where relevant.

For more information, contact Jamie Salter on 07989 816555, or email  Check out their latest news on their Facebook page by Clicking Here.

Pro Coaching Academy will be attending one of the assessment sessions with one of their players in the very near future.  Come back soon to see how we got on!

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