This week was all about Bob! Ok, so who is Bob, we hear you cry?  Well Bob is actually Phoebe, who was attending her last ever Manor Futsal session.  She is moving city and school by the end of the week, and we will all miss her loads.  All the players and coaches presented Phoebe with a box of chocolates at the end of the night, to make sure she remembered them all.

Coach Chris said ‘She is a fantastic kid, with one of the best smiles you can ever imagine, a really light in your day moment.  She never stops having fun and has been an absolute delight to coach.  Since the start of the year she has attended pretty much every session and has improved so much, I will really miss her.’

His final words on Phoebe were ‘I still have no idea why we call her Bob, I guess now I will never know!’

Coach Suzy had the final word, she said ‘Phoebe is one of those people who light up the room as they walk in, I will truly miss her big smile!’

In both the girls’ and boys’ sessions, we did a fun warm up of tag with tails as bibs, making the area smaller and smaller each time.  We progressed this to a passing and controlling practice in which we changed the players to see how many of a certain skill they could do – Bob and Mr Foster managed a magnificent 100 at one stage.

We made sure we had two long matches at the end of each session.  With the girls it was a Coach Chris against Coach Suzy with the rules being a one touch finish and only being allowed to score with all your players in the opposition’s half.  The coaches love this as it makes players work hard to both defend and support the attack, but also to be aware of what is going on around them.

In the girls’ game Coach Suzy’s side held a 4 goal lead at one stage but Coach Chris with star striker Bob finally clawed this back to 11-11, and with the final touch of the game, and quite fittingly Bob/Phoebe grabbed the winner, you really couldn’t have scripted it any better.

In the boys’ game we played the same rules and had a similar game with one side gaining a very early advantage but the opposition coming back strongly.  In the end Oli won it with a cracking finish.

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