We welcomed another new player this week, Izac, welcome to the club!  The focus for this week was shooting and finishing with various parts of the foot. After a wait game of seeing how many bibs you could steal in 1 minute from the other players, we moved onto a simple shooting drill.

Each player passed a ball into coach Chris who laid it off to the side and the players were challenged to shoot at an unguarded goal using either their right or left foot.  At first we used the side of the foot, then the laces and finally the futsal finish of using a toe poke.  We discussed the benefits of each finish.

We then progressed on to working as a team, where one player passed the ball to a team-mate, each player ran in opposite directions around a set of cones, one dribbling with the ball.  They then crossed the ball beyond the far post for the other player to finish first time.  We talked about the pace of the cross, the weight of the pass and the timing of the finish run.

Girls’ player of the week – Abbi – has come a long way from the start of the school year, she is a real delight to coach and great fun.  As a note, we wouldn’t want to get in the way of one of Abbi’s shots, they are like bullets!

Click here to see some images from the latest futsal session at Manor CE Academy

We joined the boys with the girls for the rest of the session and again worked on similar finishing skills, mainly 1v1s, 2v1s and finally 2v2s across half a court.

We worked on attacking at pace, and shooting early when the opportunity presented itself.  Attacking players have a habit of trying to beat a defender 2 or 3 times before trying to score, when they really only need half a chance.  Best on the night for this was Katie, who did brilliant to shoot as soon as she could.

In the final match we limited the players to different types of finish, and a specific foot.  Best goal of the night came a bullet from Abbi, with a right foot finish from her goal area, awesome!

Boys’ player of the week – Izac – we know it was his first week, but he worked so hard all session and scored some cracking goals in the final match.  Great start to your futsal career, keep it up!

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