On Sunday 15 April, Bootham Futsal Club spend an afternoon at York City Futsal Club.  The day had been arranged through the generosity of Junior Roberti at York City and they had 17 players and 8 parents attend.

They all met at 2.00pm and after a small problem of finding the pre-booked room, settled in the dance studio, where Junior introduced them to several members of the first team and coaching staff.  York City Futsal were playing current Super League leaders London Helvecia later that day, so to give up their time before such a big game, was simply amazing.  After a short presentation by Junior, the girls were invited to ask the group questions.  The best question asked was what did the players do that annoyed Junior the most!  Great question, and well answered by Junior, who said recovery is the number one part of the game, and players must do it, whatever level they play at.

Click here to see some images from the day

At 3pm the York City players and staff left to get ready for the upcoming match.  Coach Chris then talked to the group about the future of Bootham Futsal Club, what they are hoping to do, the upcoming Futsal Regional Qualifiers, possibility of a tour – home and abroad, and any other business.  They then had a short futsal quiz to challenge the players and parents about what they thought they knew about the game!  Everyone gave it a really good go, top team was newcomers Alan and Amelia, who walked off with the big bag of sweets!

At 4pm everyone walked down to the Sport Hall to watch the match.  Click here to read about York City Vs London Helvecia.  Needless to say, the players and parents were amazed by the speed and physicality of the game.  If you have never watched a top-level futsal game live, we seriously suggest you do so very quickly.  The action is non-stop for the whole 40 minutes.

At 6pm and after the game players and parents, said their thank you’s and drifted away.  Coaches Chris and Suzy presented Junior with a bottle of wine for all his help on the day.  When the current Super League season has finished, they have asked if any coaches or players would like to attend any of the girls training sessions, watch this space!

At the end of the day Coach Chris said in conversation, ‘A huge thank you to Junior and his players and staff for giving up their very valuable time to the girls, we know they have been very impressed!  Thank you to everyone who came, the support you are showing us is amazing and the futsal family is growing in York.  We are so very proud to be associated with each and everyone one of you, the future looks very bright for Bootham Futsal Club.’

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