The sports hall was really hot today, but that didn’t stop any of the girls from running themselves to a standstill! We started the first group with some relay races involving lots of cones and lots of balls. Needless to say, as usual, there was lots of cheating, but the effort from all the girls was fantastic.

We moved onto a session where there were 4 goals and 4 teams on the court, and the teams combined together in different teams to try and score against the other teams. The only rule was when you were defending, you were not allowed to leave your quarter of the court. To make sure the girls had their wits about them, Coach Chris sometimes threw in more than 1 ball.

We finished with a full court game, in which the players were challenged to try and score by moving the ball from one quarter to another before they shot. This group has so much energy and not even the heat could slow them down, fab session from everyone!

Click here to see the pictures from the session.

The second hour started with the court being set up with 4 goals, 2 at either end of the court. The older group were split into 3 teams and they did a similar exercise to the younger group. Coach Chris held up 1 bib, who were the defenders, and he also pointed 1 direction, the goals the defenders had to defend, and the other 2 teams had to try and score in either of the two goals. Needless to say for the first few minutes, there was utter confusion, but after a quite a few false starts, the girls got there!

We moved onto some full court 3v3, in which after one team had attacked one end, they immediately became defenders at the other end against a new team. One team stayed on the court for repeated goes, hard work in this heat, before they were changed with a new team.

This group really did work their socks off today, and the multitude of red faces showed how hard they had trained, fantastic to watch.

Player of the week for the younger group was Clare – she got her mojo back, and all with a huge smile on her face. Her control and passing today were first rate, seriously impressed by everything she did, fantastic Clare!

Player of the week for the older group was Niamh – she really did run herself into the ground today, a great futsal performance, especially when working on her recovery throughout the session, awesome Niamh!

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