For the next five weeks we have relocated to St Olave’s sports hall, just while the GCSE exams are on. That said, the girls turned up and gave us the same amazing attitude as they do every week.

The younger group started with a fun warm up, with plenty of laughs and smiles all round. We moved onto some 2v1 play in which we worked with the girls on trying to make sure the players in possession always moved after they had made their pass. We also got the player defending to make sure they always closed down the player in possession.

We finished with some full court games in which we got the girls to decide on who went in goal, but we asked the goalkeepers to be brave in possession and not just to stand in the D, but come out and support play whenever possible. Well done to Ellie and Ruby for doing just this.

Click here to see the pictures from the session.

The older group worked on their position on the court when in and out of possession. We first started by dividing the court into 4 quarters and asking the players to move to a different quarter after they had passed the ball. We moved this onto splitting the court into thirds and asking the players to play through each third before they could score. When they won the ball back they had to recycle the ball and start again in the defending third.

We finished by asking the girls to play from the defending third into the middle third, setting the ball back to the defending third, and then playing long, through the middle third, into the final third before trying to score. We worked on the movement of the players with and without the ball, and how their movement could create opportunities for their team mates.

The work rate from each and every one of these girls is amazing and such a delight to coach week in week out. Both Coach Chris and Suzy were smiling after another fantastic session, thank you to everyone!

Player of the week for the younger group was Ella – she has really improved week on week since joining. We really like the way she always looks to win the ball back when her team have lost it, great to watch. Well done Ella, keep up the good work.

Player of the week for the older group was Kimberly – she has been with us since week 1 of the first season and probably the most experienced futsal player. She works hard every week and still shows a desire to get better. Top job Kim, keep on learning!

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