Yet another new player came to try out futsal at Manor CE Academy tonight, welcome Matilde, we hope you had fun and join us again soon!

Tonight’s 2 hour session was taken by Coach Suzy, who was being watched by Niki from Activsport, as part of her Level 3 sport’s course.  We started with the infamous circle warm up drill, now one of the coaches’ favourites.  No matter how many times we see this, it never fails to make us laugh, thank you players.

Coach Suzy started with some 1v1 defending, coaching the key points of defending, namely body shape, speed of approach, patience and watching the ball.  This progressed on to 2 defenders against 1 attacker, but with one of the defenders having to make a recovery run before helping out.  Suzy finished on 2v2 defending, again with a recovering defender.  When more than one defender is involved we emphasised the communication has to be good, and lots of it.  Why is it when children are off the court, they never shut up, but put them on a futsal court and they forget who each other is!!

Click here to see some images from the latest futsal session at Manor CE Academy

The second hour started with a game in which each outfield player on each team was numbered.  When Suzy shouted out that number, they had to immediately run around the opposition’s goal before they could join the play.  Some serious cheating going on, with Mr Foster being the worst, he just couldn’t help himself.

In the game at the end, Coach Chris and his team had a player down but with Kim on fire, and the twins Aidan and Owen, it was a close game.  In the last-minute of the game, and next goal winning, Mr Foster stepped up and toe poked a winner.

Girls’ player of the week – Matilde – for a first timer at futsal, she was brilliant.  Worked extremely hard all night, with some brilliant defending and tackling.  Great start, hope there are lots more to come.

Old Boys’ player of the week – Mr Foster – we realised Mr Foster has been coming every single week since we started, and has never been awarded the player of the week.  He wins it this week for the blatant cheating in the numbers game!  Seriously, millions of thanks for all your support.

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