First order of the day was handing out the brand new training kit that hadn’t already been collected.  We think you can agree, all the girls look fantastic!

After another warm up done by Tegan and Kimberly, the younger ones continued their journey of being comfortable in possession of the ball.  We set up a skills corridor and challenged them to try different skills through this area.  They had to see how many touches they could do, how few they could do while remaining in control of the ball, a combination of both, moving from side to side, going backwards and different directions, and finally a combination of all of them.  The best challenge of the day was seeing how the girls could get the ball back to the start without it touching the floor and not using their hands.  There were brilliant ideas and lots of smiles all round, great invention from them all.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Under 12s

The founding younger members of Bootham Futsal Club – York

We finished with a game in which we asked the girls to try some of the challenges they had done in the skills corridor.  Great to watch, and some good goals with toe poke finishes from within the D.  This group is so much fun to work with and they never fail to give 100% every single time, thank you girls!

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We welcomed a new member to the older group, welcome Ruby, you started brilliantly!  The older group started with a warm up to not only challenge their bodies but also their minds.  It involved responding to instructions from Coach Chris, which changed very often.  From the images on the pictures page, you can see they girls enjoyed the challenge and, yes, they did make mistakes!

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Over 12s

The main part of the session was continuing the 3v3 we did last week, where you couldn’t pass the ball back to the player that you had received it from.  The players were also restricted to only 3 touches.  We added a centre rectangle, that if a player received the ball in this area, all the restrictions were lifted.  We progressed this onto 2 side squares instead of the centre rectangle, to remove the restrictions.  The girls stared slowly, but by the end, they were getting in to some great positions and the passing and movement was very good.  This is hard work, very tiring and concentration needs to be high – who gave me the ball, who can I pass it to, where do I move to?

We finished with a game with no restrictions, it was a bit crowded as the girls were shattered after working hard earlier, and their movement suffered.  That said, the group worked so hard all session and the coaches were very pleased by their progress, well done to all!

Player of the week for the Under 11s was Emily-Sue.  She has such good technique for a young girl, the skills she showed in the skills corridor really shone out, a real prospect in both football and futsal – watch this space!  We predict big things for this young lady!

Player of the week for the Over 12s was Kimberly.  She showed that you don’t have to rush or panic when in possession of the ball in futsal.  She very rarely gave the ball away all session and looked composed in all she did, very good session Kim!

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