As it was the last session of the half term and again we had several players away with the dreaded bug, Coach Chris decide to have some matches, but using competition futsal rules i.e. stopped clock, no back passes to the goalkeeper and subs managed by the teams themselves.  He also added the rule that the same player couldn’t score twice for the same team in a row, never a popular rule this one!

We split the players into 3 teams, see below:

Coach Suzy – Abby, James G, Leon, Reece, James H

Coach Simon – Harry, Ruby, Jacob, Bob, Kim

Sam – Izac, Aiden, Owen, Katie, Harley

The games were great to watch with some fantastic futsal being played.  Poor old James G, he just didn’t have his scoring boots on today, and he just couldn’t score.  Coach Simon and his team came out on top, winning both games.  The players all commented on how longer the game was when the clock was stopped every time the ball went out.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

We finished the night by splitting the players into 2 teams, and every time you touched the ball, you got substituted.  Simple to say, it was chaos, with players running on and off all the time, but great fun to watch!

So we finish another block of futsal.  Numbers have been badly hit by flu and winter colds, but the players who have turned up have really worked hard, so from all the coaches, thank you!  We start back on Monday 19th February.  We have a few players who have drifted away from the club, so we will be contacting some new ones to see if they want to join.  Can all parents please contact us to let us know if you want to keep your child place going forward?

Many thanks for all your support, have a great holiday, and we will see you next term!

Coaches Chris, Suzy and Simon

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