After a fun warm up led by Tegan and Kim, we got the younger group working on running with the ball again.  We had 2 rectangles marked out on the floor, with different coloured gates around the inside one.  The girls had to enter through the green cones and leave through the red cones, as quickly as possible, but keeping the ball under control.  We gave them lots fo different challenges, like entering backwards and leaving using the sole of the foot only.  Great fun and some top skills on display.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Under 12s

We moved onto a small set of skills were Coach Chris ended up teaching everyone to do keepy uppies!  By the end of this little session, everyone could do at least 2 and catch the ball in their hands.  In the end match, the girls could only score in the D and using a toe poke finish.  Some great goals in the match, and some even better play, they are really improving quickly this group.  We have to say, this group is brilliant to coach, all smiles and hard work, we couldn’t ask for a better bunch!

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We welcomed a new girl for a taste of futsal tonight, welcome Robyn.  The older group started with a warm up, moving the ball around the court, performing different ball skills with changes of speed and direction.  The main part of their session was a 3v3 game in which you couldn’t pass the ball back to the player who had given to you.  This meant the third player had to work very hard to find space to receive the pass.  At the start Coach Chris played for the team in possession, but after a while, the teams didn’t need him.  This is very hard work and the girls did brilliant.  You have to be very patient in possession, giving the third player time to find space.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Over 12s

We finished with a game in which you could score from anywhere but using a one touch finish only.  The girls had worked so hard in the earlier session, there were some very tired legs at this stage, but they never complained and kept going right until the end.

The second of our guest football teams came this week, Poppleton United U12s.  We introduced them to some of the techniques of futsal and played a recovery game, finally finishing with a match.  The girls were a great credit to the club and worked extremely hard all night, from the pictures we think they were tired after!

Player of the week for the Under 11s was Ellen.  Tonight, she decided she was going in goal for most of the night and she made some fantastic saves, keeping lots of certain goals.  Top display Ellen!

Player of the week for the Over 12s was Phoebe.  She has great control and very rarely gives the ball away, and tonight she added a few goals to her overall display.  Great night and some excellent work Bob! 

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