We finished the year with an all age group round robin tournament.  Teams were made up of a player from each age group, and in each game every player could only score 1 goal.  The games were 10 minutes long and every team played each other once!

The teams were as follows:

Blues – Katie S, Ellie S, Maja K, Katie J, Clare I and Lily S

Yellows – Denva C, Lily C, Elena R, Sophie W, Lyla C and Coach Suzy

Reds – Tegan K, Drew S, Ruby W, Emma S, Katie H and Hannah P

Light Blues – Mia E, Niamh T, Holly M, Amelia B and Anna W

Oranges – Chloe H, Eleanor W, Freya D, Ruby N, Faith E and Emily-Sue T

We also had a team of parents, coaches, brothers and sisters – but due to some very questionable referring, they were never going to win any games!  The whole session was about enjoyment, not winning, just smiling and enjoying each other company.

Click here to see the images from this week’s sessions

Tegan’s Reds ran out the overall winners beating Katie’s Blues in the final full court game, but we got some amazing comments from the parents at the way all the players had contacted themselves.

We have already started receiving enquiries for places for the New Year at all age groups!  If you are interested, drop us a note and we can send you full colour information brochure in the post.  Don’t delay, we expect to be full before the end of January 2019!

A huge thank you to each and everyone of the players and parents for their amazing support this year.  The club is nothing without your effort and enthusiasm, what an amazing group you all are!

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